Black Wings & Black Night Reviews

I thought I would review both books together since I have already read both. First I will say that Ace did a great job putting the covers together. As someone that buys books more often than not based on the cover alone I love them!

Title: Black Wings (Book 1)

Author: Christina Henry

Series: Black Wings

Madeline Black is no ordinary human. Her job is to escort souls to the afterlife. She is an agent of death with no social life. When not collecting souls Maddy spends her time at home with Beezle her doughnut loving gargoyle. Maddy is mortal but has wings at her disposal and while said wings are out she cannot be seen by others. Enter charming, good looking Gabriel, I couldn’t decide if he was a good guy or a bad guy at first. All I knew was that from Henry’s description he despite being very good looking he might not be trustworthy. Maddy faces relatives she never knew she had and finds out who her real father is and how her mother really died all in the first book. Not only does Maddy have to fight with her boss J.B. while at work she has a whole horde of demons to fight also. The book is fast paced and kept me turning the page wanting to know what happens next. I give it 4 1/2 stars.

 There are spoilers from Book 1 below.. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know some important things you find out in book 1!!

Consider yourself warned!

Title: Black Night (Book 2)

Author: Christina Henry

Series: Black Wings

Maddy, Gabriel, J.B. and Beezle are on a mission. That mission is to keep Maddy alive. She recently found out that her father is one of the Fallen. Yes that Fallen. He is an angel or rather was an angel. And even bigger she is the grand-daughter or Lucifer! Her crazy half-brother is still trying to kill her, but she can’t kill him because that is against Lucifer’s law. So in order to win she must be creative. Having been appointed as the new ambassador to faerie by Lucifer himself Maddy is in for a whole new world of trouble. J.B. and Nathaniel escort her to faerie where she is in for an adventure that she is in no way ready for. * I felt that this one was a little slower than the first but thought it was a good read. It did leave me wanting to know what was going to happen in book 3. I will be starting that one soon and will let you know what I think of it. I give Black Night 4 stars.

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