Hunt the Moon By Karen Chance

Hunt the Moon

By Karen Chance

It took me a long time to finish this book. I kept getting deterred by the same old Cassie gets locked in the hotel room by the vampires because its dangerous for her to leave. I can’t decide if Mircea is doing it because he really does love her and wants to protect her or if he is just keeping his investment safe. Then there’s Pritkin… I love him. I hated him in book one but he did start to grow on me and is now my favorite character. I love the way he wants to protect Cassie and is always there for her and risking his life to keep her safe but doesn’t try to keep her locked up like Mircea does. That may be why I love him so much. While I couldn’t wait for Hunt the Moon to come out I found that it was a little harder to get into than the first few. The plot seems to be expanding now though and finding out some things about Cassie that are unexpected and take the series to a whole new level or at least gives the potential to change everything. The ending kind of shocked me and all I can say is go read it! If you haven’t heard of the series the order is as follows:

1. Touch the Dark

2. Claimed By Shadow

3. Embrace the Night

4. Curse the Dawn

5. Hunt the Moon

There is also a spinoff series about Mircea’s daughter that takes place in between the Cassie series. These are:

1. Midnight’s Daughter

2. Death’s Mistress

3. Fury’s Kiss

Over all I give Hunt the Moon 4 stars.

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