Clockwork Prince

By Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Prince

By Cassandra Clare


I finished Clockwork Prince the other day and I still can’t decide what my feelings are. I loved how well written it was, but my heart was also broken. Or I should say my heart broke right along with Wills. I saw posts and comments on twitter about how much everyone was heartbroken over the book and I must say it made me a little hesitant to read it. I made it about half way through and decided I just couldn’t finish it, I didn’t want my heart to break too. But I finally sucked it up and finished it. I am glad I did and that I can honestly say I laughed out loud at parts, cried at other parts and was left with mixed emotions. I love Jem and am happy he is happy, but Will is my favorite character for reasons I can’t explain other than that his pain and suffering so far have made me connect with him. Congratulations to Cassandra Clare for yet again leaving me confused and hating and loving your book all at the same time!

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